Case Study CALZITALY – Sales Growth



Here is the recent case study of a US account. AN Italian Brand Calzitaly gave us a huge task of Managing 1600SKUs and bringing best sales through it by Ranking. Client’s account was struggling for ranking as Top Seller were out of stock PPC advertising was restricted to bring any sales. Sales was stuck at 40,000$ per month with such a huge Brand Name and Overhead costs

Inventory Management

We were able to enhance the restocking limit bar up to 2 times. Now top seller was refilled and a proper restocking mechanism was built to send inventory according to sales and seasonal

Targetted Marketing

Top 150 Selling SKUs are identified and we starting focusing them in Advertising. There listings are optimized with search terms, bid rate and placement % is adjusted CTR raised to 0.3%.

Customer Care

Size charts are updated as per customer understanding and return rate was brought down to 5%

Business Growth

Budget was increased on key moments to make the amazon consume it fully. We were able to raise the spending and sales 5 times keeping the ACOS consistently lower than 20%